RAD research was founded in 2014 to provide market research service in Indonesia. Our mission then: to become the leading market research in Indonesia. Now with 80 CATI station (keep growing). Until now, RAD research already has employees of more than 50 staffs who experienced and expert in their expertise. Over these 8 years of practicing and perfecting our products, many specialist have surfaced that give our clients an excellence services. We offering both  qualitative and quantitative research method.

We offer client various research product with sophisticated technology in competitive cost. We have range of service from identifying market research requirments, deciding a suitable methodology, through to project implementation and reporting.

We got international recognition by being accepted as a member of ESOMAR. RAD Research is a member of ESOMARS that enabling better reseach into markets, consumers, and socities worldwide. As a member, we area commited to the hightest profesional and ethical standars embodied in the ICC/ESOMAR Code on Market and Social Practice.

KADIN stands for 'Kamar Dagang dan Industri' or Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is the umbrella organization of the Indonesian Bussiness Chambers and Associations. KADIN if focused on all matters relating ti trade, industry and services, and is highly commited to tapping potentials and synergies of the national economy, offering a strategic forum for Indonesian enterpreneurs. It is privately financed, hence an Independents spokersperson of private sector Interests.

RAD Research is a member of Mystery Shopping Providers Associations (MSPA) that enabling better research into markets, consumers and societies worldwide. As a member, we are commited to the highest professional and ethical standards embodied in the MSPA Code on Market and Social Practice.