PAPI (Paper and pencil interviewing)

is the most frequently used methodology for data collecting. It can be described as a process of personal interviewing where the interviewer holds a printed out questionnaire, reads the question one by one to the respondent and fills the answers into the questionnaire.

CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing)

is a survey methodology which a caller follow a question provided by a software application. It have replaced the pen and paper in face to face fieldwork and also telephone interviews.

CAPI (Computer-assisted personal interviewing)

is a survey method which an interviewer using a computer tablet or smartphone to answer the questions. The interview mostly combine with face to face interview.


Hybrid is a survey methodology which combine face to face interview and online data entry.


is a survey methodology which gathering respondents together in a room. The number of respondents can be sizeable in a session and the range from 10 to more than 25. They providing product experiences such as observation.


is a survey methodology which a questionnaire that target respondents could complete through the internet.

A car Clinic is a research protocol, specific to the Automotive industry, including generally both qualitative and quantitative phases.
The most common purpose is evaluating and learning how to improve a car prototype or a new model.
central location test (CLT) is often performed for quantitative research purposes. Unlike a home-use test where testing takes place in the participants' homes, CLTs take place in a controlled environment. With CLTs, researchers gain the ability to eliminate bias because of the controlled-environment aspect.


FGD  (Focus Group Discussion)

is a survey methodology which people with similar backgrounds or experiences gather in a single room to discuss a specific topic. The group is guided by a moderator who will explain about the topic and lead the discuss process.


is a survey methodology which an individual interview conducted by trained staff who can be call as moderator that usually collects specific information about one person.


Mystery shopping is a survey methodology which do for measuring and monitoring the interactions between a customer and company or organization according defined scenario.


Recruiting is a process  which respondents  are screened and selected according certain criteria, then persuaded to take part in interview session.


Observation is a survey methodology for collecting and analyzing information obtained from respondents through directly or indirectly watching and observing in their natural life.


Ethnographic is a survey methodology which we observe respondents using a product or service, in their own environment. This methodology can provide beneficial insights into how consumers use a product or service and a platform to obtain market insight.