Observer Room

FGD (Forum Group Discussion) Room

Meeting Room

We have space to be used as a meeting room, FGD (Forum Group Discussion), interviews, etc. The air-conditioned room is equipped with a projector screen, LED tv, Flip chart. With a size of 10.5 x 3.5 m, enough for 10 people. The space we rent is very flexible, can be made partitions (6 x 3.5 m) & (4.5 x 3.5 m), with a one-way view insulating wall.

Room Only

half day

full day

IDR 1.000.000,-

IDR 1.750.000,-

Meeting Package A

• half day

• 1x coffee break

• Lunch

per pax
IDR 75.000,-/pax
Meeting Package B

• full day

• 2x coffee break

• Lunch

per pax
IDR 100.000,-/pax
Additional cost

Print & Copy



IDR 100.000,-/pax
IDR 100.000,-/pax

Seat addition

Seat addition + cover

Table addition


IDR 10.000,-/pcs
IDR 15.000,-/pcs
IDR 30.000,-/pcs
IDR 750.000,-/1000watt