Syndication Research : Effective Communications Channel Study (For Agriculture Companies)

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Untuk memahami saluran yang paling efektif untuk berkomunikasi dengan petani Untuk mengetahui pesan utama yang paling efektif dalam berkomunikasi dengan petani terkait dengan produk pertanian dan/atau informasi secara umum sesuai target pasar yang diinginkan.

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Brand awareness, media habit, and digital literacy

Jenis Iklan yang paling diingat

Top of Mind Produk Pertanian

Media habit – Jenis media yang paling sering digunakan

Media informasi mengenai produk pertanian dan peternakan

Media habit – Televisi

Media habit – Radio

Media habit – Frekuensi penggunaan media cetak

Media habit – Frekuensi penggunaan media sosial

Digital literacy – Kepemilikan dan penggunaan handphone

Digital literacy – Lama penggunaan dan pengeluaran pulsa

Digital literacy – Tujuan penggunaan handphone

Farmers’ current source of information, communication channel, and preference

Sumber informasi (Key opinion leader)

Sumber Informasi & Key Opinion Leader – Total

Alasan Responden memberikan ranking untuk masing-masing sumber informasi


Event dan kegiatan yang diikuti petani

Messaging – Test Case

Messaging – Jenis iklan yang paling disukai

Messaging – Faktor pendorong pembelian produk

Messaging – Jenis promosi yang disukai

Collborates by PRISMA and Teman Dekat to Support Agriculture Businesses Marketing Research and Marketing Communications Capacity

PRISMA officially launched its first marketing-communications focused intervention by signing a partnership agreement with two marketing communications (marcomm agencies), PT RAD Research (a market research firm) and PT Gara Gara Teman Dekat (a brand activation agency) in December 2020. The new initiative works by nurturing marcomm agencies and building up their rural agriculture expertise. With the improved expertise, RAD Research and Teman Dekat can provide better support to agriculture stakeholders in communicating with and marketing their products and/or services to farmers.
In general, the partnership aims to increase the effectiveness of communications towards farmers. Through its work in the agriculture sector, PRISMA finds that lack of access to information about good agricultural products, services and practices is one of farmers’ challenges to increased productivity and income. The limited number and quality of information is not the only issue, the ineffective communications – including poor messages, packaging and channels – also pose as prominent challenges as these may lead to a low adoption rate which often leads to low productivity and low incomes.
During the welcoming speech, Maryam Piracha, PRISMA’s Head of Portfolio, highlighted the partnership’s significance, especially during the pandemic. “What we see now with COVID-19 is that some of these challenges [e.g. offline marketing activities and disruption on the market value chain] have even magnified more than ever. We look forward to working with RAD and Teman Dekat to support agricultural businesses in conducting digital marketing and providing other marcomms-related services. We hope that this partnership can benefit everyone; Teman Dekat and RAD Research from the broader network and more customers; agricultural businesses from improved research and marketing strategy; and farmers from increased access to information, productivity, and ultimately, incomes,” said Maryam.
RAD Research’s Managing Director and Founder, Alvin Febrian expressed his support towards the partnership. “We hope that our research can be useful for Teman Dekat as a reference to make marketing concept and strategies for PRISMA’s partners and all farmers in Indonesia. This partnership is our positive contribution to Indonesia’s agriculture sector, and we hope it will bring benefit for all of us.”
Budi Darmadi, the Managing Director of Teman Dekat, further emphasized the importance of this partnership for the development of the agriculture sector in Indonesia. During his speech, he stated, “Agriculture is the backbone and future of this country and working in this sector means a lot for Teman Dekat’s history. Teman Dekat is committed to providing the best support and expertise for this collaboration.”
Following the kick-off, the team works to prepare a joint study on effective communication channels and an agriculture social media hub. This study aims to identify the most effective communication channels and key messages to reach farmers. While the social media channel will serve as an information and knowledge-sharing platform for agricultural market players in Indonesia.

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